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About Us

The digital transformation of car sales and servicing is top of mind for car dealers and manufacturers today. And at the same time, car buyers now expect a smooth, easy, connected experience, whether they’re online or in-store. Most importantly, when they find it, they’ll stay loyal. That’s where Keyloop comes in.

Creating amazing car buying and service experiences

Digital pioneers like Amazon have changed how retail looks and feels. Travel, fashion, and food have long since embraced technology. Even very traditional industries such as banking have gone fully digital. People naturally want their interactions with car retailers to be personal, connected, and convenient. That’s true whether they’re buying a new vehicle or booking service. This is why we created Keyloop. Our technology, our vision and values, and our people are helping dealers transform the car buying and owning experience. We connect all systems so dealers can truly connect with customers.

The Keyloop Story

We’ve been building new technology to help car retailers and manufacturers meet their business goals for a long time. Our journey started 40+ years ago in the small town of Hungerford, UK; back then we were known as Kerridge.

We’ve had a few different names since then as we’ve been acquired, spun off, and grown. We’ve also been known as ADP Dealer Services and CDK Global as we added offices and customers across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. In 2021, we’re proud to say, we were acquired by the leading tech investment firm Francisco Partners and became Keyloop.

Names have changed, but our mission hasn’t: to help car retailers delight their customers, connect their systems, and turbocharge their businesses. Can we help with yours?


Keyloop created

40 +

years of market leading automotive technology

2000 +


40 +

global offices

The Keyloop Family

Since we became Keyloop in 2021, we’ve grown our business rapidly to bring new solutions to our customers. So far, six more companies have joined Keyloop: enquiryMAX, RAPID RTC, MotorDocs, FISC, SilverBullet and SERTI. We expect even more companies to join our mission in the near future. It’s an exciting and dynamic time to be part of Keyloop!

Careers at Keyloop

Keyloop values you for who you are – and who you can become. We’ve built a culture where people feel inspired to innovate, collaborate and explore game-changing products for the auto retail industry.

Each employee is an individual with truly unique skills and value. We know that, and that’s why we’re passionate about creating a workplace where your needs are met, your expectations are exceeded and your career can take a direction that you never thought was possible.

Ready to learn more about life at Keyloop?

What Matters to Keyloop

Diversity & Inclusion

Keyloop are proud to be long-term members of the Automotive 30% Club, meaning we’ve pledged to be led by women in at least 30% of key positions by 2030. We’re delighted to say that we’ve already reached that goal.

We’re especially proud to sponsor the 30% Club’s Inspiration for Innovation Network. In this capacity, we send our own volunteers to visit schools in-person and virtually to reach out to students and showcase career opportunities in the automotive industry.

Keyloop is also founding member of Driving Pride - a network of representatives from UK automotive businesses, including manufacturers, retailers and suppliers. Driving Pride launches in the summer of 2022 and aims to provide a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ+ people within the automotive sector.


Dealer Tech is Keyloop’s annual automotive technology competition, founded in 2019. It’s a chance for university students to develop fresh new tech-focused product ideas that can make an impact in the automotive industry. Winning students receive £10,000 (and a big leg up on future jobs). Leading universities from all over the UK take part in the competition and seeing these students’ innovative ideas is a highlight of everyone’s year.