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Say hello to your future

If you would like to be part of the digital transformation of car buying and ownership, we’d love to meet you.

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We’re looking for talented people all over the world to help us build the world’s first truly connected auto retail ecosystem. We have offices around the globe, plus we fully support hybrid and remote employees.


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Why Keyloop?

Everyone has a story about the last time they bought a car. Chances are that the experience could have been different. And should have been better.

Maybe they spent weeks researching which car to buy, confused by all the different makes and models. Then the dealership didn’t have the car they like. Or the car didn’t live up to their expectations.

The same, of course, could be said for vehicle servicing, with drivers often feeling confused about what’s wrong with their car and when it will be fixed.

With better use of technology, Keyloop is dramatically improving these "points of friction". We are making car buying and servicing simpler, smoother, better. Just the way it should be. Around the world, we’re at the heart of the big change in how people buy and own cars.

We’re doing it by unlocking data. We’re bringing together retailers, car makers, and suppliers. We’re driving meaningful change in a car buyer’s ownership journey. And we’re doing it all through the power of an open platform that our brilliant people have developed.

If this is a journey that you’d like to be a part of, then we want to hear from you.

Our values

We are Bold

We are Bold

Being Bold means that we choose to challenge the status quo and are ready to face adventure. We are excited about innovation. We are courageous, we step into the unknown and take risks. We are visionaries.

We choose progress over perfection because we know that sometimes we must break things to make them better. Most of all we are determined to use our experience and our abilities to benefit everyone we work with, colleagues, partners and customers.

We are Bold

We are Authentic

We are Authentic

Being Authentic means that every person counts. We value individuality, experience, creativity and vulnerability. We are kind, we encourage creativity and participation, coming together for the benefit of the Keyloop family.

We embrace our differences and respect everyone; we encourage our people to bring their true selves to work which will enable us to create amazing things together and make the journey fun.

We are Authentic

We are United

We are United

Being United means that we work together as one Keyloop. We work better and achieve more when we support one another, collaborate and co-create.

We appreciate the little things as well as the big things and recognize one another on a job well done. We enjoy every moment; we celebrate when we succeed and pull together in the face of adversity. This our strength. This is our superpower.

We are United

Life at Keyloop

Want a career experience that’s as unique as you are? Come to Keyloop.

You can bring your whole self to Keyloop. We’ll ask for your very best work, and put you in the best space to achieve it. That’s why we offer truly flexible and hybrid work opportunities for many of our positions.

Let’s focus on the business outcomes, not on how many days a week you spend in the office.

Of course, we do have very nice office spaces all over the globe when you want to collaborate and see friendly faces. We trust you to get the job done, wherever you are.

We’re passionate about creating an environment where you’re in charge of your own success, learning and career development. You’ll find the frameworks in place to help you succeed — in your current role and also on the next steps in your career path.

Keyloop Teams

Learn more about each area of our business


Help us find, develop and support the terrific people that make Keyloop a great place to work

Sales and Marketing

Show the world why our products change the game in automotive retail


Build and support the IT infrastructure of Keyloop and the new businesses that join our journey


Manage our business operations as we scale and grow

Customer Success and Support

Make sure our customers get the most from their Keyloop products


Design amazing experiences for our users


Connect with OEMs and new partners to help Keyloop grow


Build the tools and products that are the future of auto retail

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