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Enerius Software Oy
Alma Ajo
WebSales is a completely web-based system designed for brand car dealerships for vehicle sales, sales management, customer contact and task management.
OVIO Carbook
OVIO CarBook helps dealers keep track of everything related to a vehicle by maintaining data on vehicle maintenance, inspection and care information and allows consumers to check the history of their car using an app.
ag analytics
Autoflows from ag analytics helps with routine tasks like service or tyre change reminders and links customers with online bookings so the workshop gets a constant flow of bookings.
Digital Service Reception from Tjekvik receives and updates data in the DMS to provide customers with a full digital service reception journey,
Salesfront from Modera helps dealers take care of lead processing, test drives, used car evaluation and finance contract management and enables the synching of customer data, vehicle inventory and sales contracts