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Build valuable long-term customer retention and make finance renewals effortless with easy to use, data-driven solutions.

Discover the power of customer loyalty

Keyloop is delighted to bring you FISC, a provider of digital tools and services for the automotive industry, including finance renewals, customer retention and consultancy and training. eMaster™ and eMasterPortal™ are designed to help dealerships quickly identify finance renewal opportunities and create a complete customer engagement programme. Both are supported by a dedicated eMaster™ training team, offering seminars, in-dealer events or bespoke consultancy to help your teams get the most out of these innovative solutions.

How do they work? eMaster™ uses live data and algorithms to track your customers’ financial position every day and identify the ideal time for them to change their car, then eMasterPortal™ gives them a digital self-service dashboard that puts them in control of their finance package. That personalised, relevant service builds strong customer loyalty – and studies show that existing customers spend on average 31% more than new ones. So you sell more while keeping your customers satisfied, a key goal for any dealership.

Our FISC Solutions

The data-driven digital tool designed to help you increase vehicle sales, finance renewals and customer retention.
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Bring the proven finance renewal power of eMaster™ direct to your customers and engage them in a whole new way.
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