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Helios Digital
Helios Analytics gives dealers access to real-time, accurate and insightful 360-degree analytics reports at their fingertips on PCs or mobile devices, anywhere and anytime.
Alma Ajo
WebSales is a completely web-based system designed for brand car dealerships for vehicle sales, sales management, customer contact and task management.
MotorK allows web vehicle stock publishing of new or pre-owned cars, offering dealers a seamless way to publish their vehicle stock avoiding usage of off-line data extraction.
AutoDialog optimises the customer journey and internal workflow, from appointment to delivery. Work orders are automatically formatted and completed so that customer information and the work order remain synchronized between AutoDialog and the DMS at all times.
Through this API integration, dealer employees can retrieve parts and tires work order data through the Vrooam Wholesalers webshop and then, once the parts are selected, add them directly to the work order in the Keyoop Dealer Management Systems Autoline and EVA.
Direct Access
Through the API integration, the work order data in the DMS is enriched and synchronized with the Dealer Portal. Data, such as menus, labor rules, parts and notes from Menupricing, Dealer Tire Management, CheckIT, ClaimIT & SupplyIT.
The integration allows dealers in the TIC parts website to retrieve the work order data and then, when the parts are selected, add them directly to the repair order in the DMS. The purchase order from Tyrenet can also be processed automatically.
ITC's compliance system simplifies the regulatory journey, eliminates double keying, increasing accuracy and efficiency from initial enquiry through to finance or insurance conclusion; ultimately saving both time and money.
EvalExpert empowers dealerships by giving them the vehicle appraisal tools to make data-driven decisions about used cars. EvalExpert is a fully automated, single platform for vehicle appraisal, price guidance and wholesale disposal.
OEC gives customers 24/7 access to book their services in a few clicks. Mobile-friendly, OEC can even brand the solution to look exactly like the manufacturer’s website.
Enerius Software Oy
DAS is a complete solution that provides fully digital customer service visits. It's available 24/7, covers all stages of a customer's service and includes a locker solution and user interfaces for customers and the workshop team.
Vehicle Vision Assist - enquiryMAX integration
Vehicle Vision Assist integrates into enquiryMAX to provide real-time updates to leads when customers submit visual appraisal assets and key status changes are captured with links to videos and photos.