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For Dealers

Building the Perfect Customer Experience

Keyloop’s digital solutions, and those of our valued partners, will help you build the perfect buying journey for your customers: every visit, every site, every time.



Creating Connections That Count

Imagine all your systems, data, and partners, connected on a single open platform. Imagine giving your customers a truly and wonderfully seamless experience.

Keyloop's Partner Programme makes both possible.

It links your Dealer Management System to your third-party suppliers, so you get instant connection instead of software workarounds; reliable data instead of re-keyed and lost numbers; and systems that work with you to drive your business forward.

And the time you save? Spend it where you've always wanted to: with your customers.

Why Choose an Integrated Solution From Our Keyloop Partners?

Connect, collaborate and grow

Connect, collaborate and grow

Integrated applications from our partners help you meet your unique objectives for your business.

Not every IT solution for your dealer group will be a Keyloop product – but all can be part of a larger group of products working as one. Link all your apps to share data and integrate workflows, and you can open up new opportunities, save time, and innovate faster than ever before.

Create happier employees

Create happier employees

Better connections lead to better experiences – for your customers and for your team.

When you get rid of double-keying, spreadsheets, and manual workarounds, you free up your staff to focus on what they do best: build the best possible experience for existing customers, and bring in more new ones.

Connect the dots and link all the suppliers and applications you use in Sales and Marketing, Finance, your Workshop and more. Your employees will thank you.

Unlock data-driven decisions

Unlock data-driven decisions

Connected data is powerful data.

Your business can only benefit from data integration between your DMS and partner applications. Richer data leads to better decision making, plain and simple. Connected data also cuts the risk of human error that occurs whenever data is rekeyed between systems.

Choose your dream team

Choose your dream team

Now it's easy to put together your own dream team of technology suppliers.

Our Partner Programme connects you to the third-party suppliers you work with every day. Share data, share insights, share the common goal of serving your customers better. Then scale up as you grow.

You make the choices and we'll take care of the connections.

Find out more

To learn more about our partner programme solutions, see our list of certified partners. If one (or more!) spark your interest, please do contact us or chat with your Account Manager.