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The smart solutions of today and the great ideas of tomorrow rely on the same thing: better connections. Let’s connect together to create a brighter future for automotive retail.

What Can You Do with Keyloop APIs?

Put an end to rekeying

Put an end to rekeying

Data simply has to be right. That means timely and complete, across all areas of a modern dealership. Rekeying data from one application to the next is the villain here - at best time-consuming and at worst causing daily errors.

That’s where Keyloop APIs come in. They synchronise all your data -- orders, notes, customers and vehicles – with our Dealer Management System, in real time. The result is true data accuracy, the kind that improves the user experience and – most importantly – ends a pain point for the retailers you work with.

Better customer experiences

Better customer experiences

Want to help dealers build valuable long-term relationships with their customers? Give them reliable and timely data for call centres, sales teams, and call management software. Our CRM standard APIs synch with customer data in the DMS to call up the critical items any support team needs: things like customer contact details, privacy preferences, data verification notes, and key vehicle information.

Better workshop experiences

Better workshop experiences

To keep workshops running smoothly, keep data flowing smoothly. Booking changes, orders and customer details can be pulled from the DMS into your product with Keyloop workshop APIs.

If your product requires repair order data, you can sync with the DMS to get info about orders from a specific dealer, or even all orders at a specific stage in the repair process.

Become a certified partner

Keyloop customers have to be 100% confident in the partner apps we offer them. That’s why we have a robust process to certify new partners, bring them on board and make sure integration is just right.

We will work with you to:

  • Validate your integration methods
  • Create a dedicated trial instance of our DMS
  • Test data flow between our systems
  • Pilot the new integration with one of your customers

When the process is complete, you’ll become a certified Keyloop partner for the tested product. Welcome to the Keyloop family!

Find out more

To learn more about Keyloop APIs and how they can work with your products, visit our Developer Portal.