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The complete solution for your marketing campaigns, creating more business opportunities for sales and aftersales and helping you deliver the perfect automotive retail customer experience.


Automated Campaigns

Initiate multi-channel campaigns automatically at key points in the customer relationship.

Personalise Responses

Customer service is personalised with automatic responses and scheduled satisfaction calls.

Measure Success

Analyse what’s working well and measure ROI from a campaign dashboard.

Effective Coaching

Train your teams to deliver great customer calls using scripts and wizards.

Customer success stories

"In the past, if we wanted to contact a certain number of customers by SMS, for example 5,000 contacts, it was a rolling system where we’d have to dedicate time to organising this before all the customers were contacted. With Campaigns we have the ability to hit them in one go, so the impact is much more beneficial."

Noel Stewart, Managing DirectorBlackstone Motors


Manage multiple campaigns from one place and offer personalised, timely customer communications.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Implement campaigns across SMS, email, letter and phone with comprehensive planning, scheduling and automated activation that ensures interaction with the customer at every touchpoint:

  • Sales lead qualification
  • CSI calls
  • Service bookings
  • VHC follow up

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Automatically contact customers at key trigger points, including test drive follow up, service reminders or chasing amber work. Increase upsell opportunities by:

  • Creating call lists and scripts
  • Automating prompts
  • Using real-time access to workshop pricing and VHC history

Personalised Journeys

Personalised Journeys

Customers appreciate personal service. Campaigns from Keyloop lets you:

  • Set up automatic responses to manage inbound enquiries 24/7
  • Remind customers their service or MOT is due via follow up satisfaction calls, SMS or mail

Campaign Dashboard

Campaign Dashboard

Pull up a single view of all activity to:

  • Report on campaign performance and conversion rates
  • Monitor budgets, costs and ROI

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