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Bring the proven finance renewal power of eMaster™ direct to your customers and engage them in a whole new way.


Boost Customer Satisfaction

eMasterPortal™ gives your customers an overview of all their options and direct contact with the finance company or your dealership, so they’ll feel totally in control, with a personalised experience they’ll value.

Generate Leads

Whether it’s refinancing an existing car or wanting a quote for a new car deal, eMasterPortal™ creates real sales and renewal opportunities.

Real-time Information

Daily feeds from the main eMaster™ data engine means customer information is accurate and up-to-date, with all customer activity recorded.

Easy to Manage

Predictive algorithms guide you through setting up each process, with a dedicated training team on hand to help you get the best results.


eMasterPortal™ is designed to take both your finance retention performance and customer satisfaction to new levels, via an automated process that lets you reach out at each stage of the customer journey along a pre-set timeline.

Direct Access, 24/7

Direct Access, 24/7

As a web-based system, eMasterPortal™ works on any device that has an internet connection and a web browser, whether that’s a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile. There’s no software to install or updates to run. It means it can be accessed:

  • From anywhere
  • At any time

Bespoke Customer Areas

Bespoke Customer Areas

Using a unique link, customers can access the eMasterPortal™ - it’s all there at their fingertips, tailored to them. They’ll be able to see:

  • Their own finance information including an up to date settlement figure
  • Their vehicle valuation
  • Suggested new vehicle deal

Latest Deals

Latest Deals

eMasterPortal’s™ in-built car configurator allows customers to build their own deals around their own accurate financial position. And the live data feed means that they’ll always have access to:

  • Up-to-the-minute offers
  • The latest deals

End-of-term Management

End-of-term Management

With eMasterPortal™, you set up automatic contact with your customers along a pre-set timeline. So, when it comes to end of term, you’ll be in touch with all the information they need to make an informed choice, whether that’s:

  • Changing their car
  • Handing it back
  • Refinancing or making the final payment

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