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The data-driven digital tool designed to help you increase vehicle sales, finance renewals and customer retention.


Get it right for your customer

With eMaster™, all your customers’ data is refreshed daily from the finance company. Our bespoke algorithms analyse it and identify the most appropriate time for them to renew, wherever they are in the term, so you’re giving them the best service.

Increase your offer attractiveness

eMaster™ uses the same calculation engine as manufacturer finance systems, as well as the latest OEM tactical offers. Combined with accurate settlement estimates and instant valuations, it gives you everything you need to create a compelling customer offer.

Tailor your marketing

Use automated or manual templates to communicate with customers via email, letter or SMS. You can set up timelines and communication types to contact customers however and whenever you like, so your engagement plans are varied and unique.

Stay on top at every step

It’s easy to track your customer’s ownership with eMaster™. The outcome of all opportunities and contacts with the customer are listed with the customer record throughout the life of their finance agreement. Once they change to a new model, the new agreement appears in eMaster™ and the cycle starts again.


90 %

Test drive appointment generated via eMaster lead to a sale

50 %

Of customers are more likely to be retained by eMaster

6.8 B

Pound value of vehicle sales generated by eMaster


eMaster™ is a single, data-rich system that gives you access to all you need in one integrated solution, from part exchange valuations and settlement figures to deal building and finance offers. And because it’s web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere.

Automatic Lead Distribution

Automatic Lead Distribution

Once a campaign is set up, the leads are automatically distributed to your dealership or group within eMaster™. Every lead is followed up – and that ultimately means more sales. You can:

  • Let your sales teams follow up on the lead
  • Choose to allocate individual leads to selected personnel, who have their own dedicated portal from which to view and action them.

Daily Imports and Calculations

Daily Imports and Calculations

Your customer database is refreshed daily, so it’s always up to date. And because the calculations on eMaster™ are also recalculated daily, you know the figures are accurate, including:

  • Finance settlements
  • Estimate mileages
  • Current vehicle valuations

Mobile Reporting App

Mobile Reporting App

Give selected members of your team access to instant KPIs and reporting on their Apple or Android mobile devices. The eMaster™ mobile management app helps them stay up to date and in touch when they’re out and about by:

  • Linking directly to the user’s account
  • Giving them up to the minute information
  • Notifying them of any customer requests

eMasterPortal™ Integration

eMasterPortal™ Integration

When you integrate eMaster™ with eMasterPortal™, you get the best of both worlds. With all contact requests and hot leads sent back from the portal to the dealer via eMaster™, you’re always on top of what’s happening. It also means:

  • All your customer data activity is synchronised
  • Record cards are always accurate

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