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Create and manage a flawless digital forecourt for your dealership that’s open 24/7 and give customers the ecommerce experience they’re looking for.


Optimise Experience

eCommerce gives your customers a fast, responsive and intuitive experience. From adding a trade in, choosing an aftercare package, configuring a finance deal, and selecting collection or delivery, it’s buying, customised for them.

Increase your Margins

Buying online has been shown to make customers less likely to negotiate on price and complete their deal much faster, which leads to better margins for you.

Boost Conversion Rates

eCommerce's tools have helped increase enquiry to sale conversions by up to 40%, compared to basic web enquiries.

Always Open

Because you’re open online 24/7, your selling window is unlimited. That means more opportunities for you and freedom for customers to choose when and where they interact with you.


eCommerce is designed to link your digital and physical forecourts to create a seamless buying journey that works for the customer and for you.

Finance and Valuation

Finance and Valuation

eCommerce is integrated with finance lenders and valuation data sources, to give customers full transparency on a vehicle’s valuation during their buying journey and let them build a bespoke finance package that matches their needs.

Smart finance integration partners allow your business the choice of:

  • Proposal automation from auto-proposal
  • Partially automated proposal
  • Full manual control of finance applications

Stock Locator

Stock Locator

With eCommerce, your team can find a customer’s ideal car, then send a digital link allowing them to complete their online transaction at a time that suits them. It’s the car buying journey, started in just one click.

Online Signing and Payment

Online Signing and Payment

Customers can directly create and sign their deal order form online, then pay securely in part or full using fully integrated online payments including debit and credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. It’s simple, safe and convenient.

Using SilverBullet’s technology, you can implement your:

  • Payment policies
  • Data protocols
  • Terms and conditions

Delivery Manager

Delivery Manager

Use eCommerce’s integrated tools to plan the handover of the customer’s car at a time that suits them and your dealership. The scheduling flow is automated, meaning accuracy is guaranteed.

If the customer’s preference is home delivery, use smart tools to set:

  • Cost per mile
  • Minimum and maximum distance thresholds
  • Delivery vehicle type
  • Time and date using the integrated calendar and time picker

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