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Service Hub

Give your customers a personalised, streamlined experience every time they bring in their vehicle and help your technicians work even more efficiently with Service Hub.


Give Great Service

Personalised check-in, accurate quotes agreed up front and full transparency of work.

Boost Efficiency

Seamless integration with your DMS means a streamlined workflow for your technicians.

Drive Revenue

A simplified approval process creates strong upselling opportunities.

Build Customer Loyalty

Make every part of the service experience fast and efficient and they’ll come back to you time and again.

Customer Success Stories

"One of the most significant areas of improvement has been in VHCs. We’ve experienced a 25% increase in retail hours per job and we’re now achieving 100% completion of vehicle throughputs."

Steve Brown, Automotive DirectorAl Zayani


From check-in to quotes, real-time workshop activity to check-out, Service Hub delivers maximum workshop efficiency.

Precise Recording

Precise Recording

Service Hub enables your technicians to clock on and off via tablet, so you can track workshop activity in real time and benefit from:

  • Jobs being created more quickly
  • Accurate records
  • Clear warranty reporting

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Service Hub streamlines the VHC process, recording and logging items that need attention now or in the future. The results are displayed:

  • Digitally
  • Instantly
  • With no need to wait for print-outs

DMS Integration

DMS Integration

Full integration with your DMS gives you consistently accurate data and takes away the need to re-key information. This means you’re always up to date when:

  • Greeting customers by name
  • Recording work
  • Sending reminders of future work
  • Reporting in real-time

Video Creation

Video Creation

Service Hub can be integrated with a personalised video solution from one of our partners, so you can:

  • Provide a comprehensive VHC report
  • Let technicians create short videos of the customer’s vehicle to demonstrate work needed
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Make approvals easier

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